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Come in and celebrate with us!

The BrainStore IdeaMachine has been delivering amazing results for thousands of clients over the last 25 years, at the push of a button. Get your own BrainStore experience by selecting one of our new offers to tackle an innovation challenge as an individual, team or organisation.

Change must happen quickly and purposefully. For this, we need strong ideas, implementation focus, and a corporate culture compatible with fast-moving changes.

This is precisely where BrainStore can deliver added value for you and your organization.

BrainStore is an international network of innovation entrepreneurs founded in Switzerland 25 years ago.
About the 25-year celebration, we opened this webshop to present our new and innovative products.

The BrainStore team has led over 1,000 innovation and change projects in over 20 countries with small and medium enterprises worldwide.

In 1999 we offered ‘fresh ideas over the counter’. Now 25 years later, we open our counter online...

Choose your BrainStore experience

Accurate and fast-paced, the BrainStore IdeaMachine helps you address your personal or business challenges.

Design your Personal Roadmap

Create an inspiring big picture of your life, project, or business idea, and get to work! You set the price.

Get Clarity and Structure

Share what's on your mind with a BrainStore partner. Get a structured summary of your idea or challenge in the form of a briefing. You set the price.

Boost Innovation in your Organization

Let's start by identify top innovation challenges with your team. You set the price.

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Jennifer Weber
Life Enthusiast
"Creating my personal roadmap with BrainStore was a fast-paced, highly efficient process. After the one-on-one workshop, I walked home with my roadmap - ready to implement."

Sven Kielgas
Partner | Serviceplan High Tech
Expert: "BrainStore is creative energy multiplied with speed plus inspiration multiplied with fun."

Gloria Glang
Global Key Account Manager | BASF
Marketing expert: "For me, creativity is life force. BrainStore facilitates creativity and makes it efficient. I'll be coming back!"

Peter Lehmann
Schweizerische Bundesbahnen | SBB
We are looking for fresh ideas for new and existing business. "Don't just leave innovation to chance – I am enthusiastic about BrainStore's method!"

Tyree Glenn Jr.
Jazz Musician
"At first I thought BrainStore was a store where I could buy a new brain. I certainly could have used one. But on site, they taught me how to use the brain I have."

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