Design your Personal Roadmap

Create an inspiring big picture of your life, project, or business idea, and get to work! You set the price.

Creating a personal Roadmap is an efficient process for an outlook on your personal life hosted by a BrainStore partner.

What drives you?
Are you struggling with a big project and don't know what to prioritize?
Are you stuck and wondering what to do next?
Do you want more out of life?
Are you bored?

During a 1:1 session, you will identify steps and evaluate and prioritize them to create a clear and actionable roadmap for yourself. You'll experience some brand new BrainStore tools and walk away with a personalized plan and a smile.

What do I walk away with

A structured overview of the next steps in your life, career, project, or business idea.
After the session, you will receive your results in digital form. A pdf with your personal roadmap. Also, an access key to modify your roadmap.

The process

  1. Book your 20 minutes call using the button below
  2. Respond to personalized questionnaire | 20 mins
  3. 1:1 online workshop in the BrainStore lobby | 120 minutes
  4. Receive your digital results and Roadmap

Terms and agreement

BrainStore uses the Pay-What-You-Wish model. You set the price – after receiving the results.
Letting the customer decide on the price for services received leads to a significant increase in speed, efficiency, focus, and value created. Learn more about the PWYW model at the link below.


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