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Share what's on your mind with a BrainStore partner. Get a structured summary of your idea or challenge in the form of a briefing. You set the price.

Is your brain overwhelmed with too many thoughts? We can help you organize them. Do you need help with organizing your thoughts? Would you need more clarity on a project?Are you looking for motivation to get started on your business or project? Do you have brain fatigue?

Creating a briefing is precious to think through any idea or challenge on your mind. With the help of a BrainStore partner, you'll put your ideas on paper. Get them all out – in whatever form you like and get a well-structured summary of your challenge.

What do I walk away with

A summary of your challenge and way to look forward.
After the session, you will receive your briefing in digital form – an access key to modify your briefing.

The process

  1. Book your 20 minutes call using the button below
  2. 1:1 online workshop in the BrainStore lobby | 60 minutes
  3. Get a well-structured summary of your idea or challenge in the form of a briefing

Terms and agreement

BrainStore uses the Pay-What-You-Wish model. You set the price - after receiving the results.
Letting the customer unilaterally decide on the price for services received leads to an amazing increase in speed, efficiency, focus, and value created. Learn more about the PWYW model at the link below.


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