Jennifer Weber
Life Enthusiast
"Creating my personal roadmap with BrainStore was a fast-paced, highly efficient process. After the one-on-one workshop, I walked home with my roadmap - ready to implement."

Sven Kielgas
Partner | Serviceplan High Tech
Expert: "BrainStore is creative energy multiplied with speed plus inspiration multiplied with fun."

Gloria Glang
Global Key Account Manager | BASF
Marketing expert: "For me, creativity is life force. BrainStore facilitates creativity and makes it efficient. I'll be coming back!"

Peter Lehmann
Schweizerische Bundesbahnen | SBB
We are looking for fresh ideas for new and existing business. "Don't just leave innovation to chance – I am enthusiastic about BrainStore's method!"

Tyree Glenn Jr.
Jazz Musician
"At first I thought BrainStore was a store where I could buy a new brain. I certainly could have used one. But on site, they taught me how to use the brain I have."